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We are excited to Welcome Team Hays.  This team has always been a team-first, chemistry driven, hard-working group of young athletes. They pride themselves in the commitment and dedication to being successful on the field. Team Hays recently finished as Champions in the 5 Tools Summer Cup Silver Bracket. Team Hays’ roster is full of talented athletes and has 4 ranked players in the Extra Innings Top 100 #72/2024, #62/2025, #48/2025 and #4/2025, with the expectation of more on upcoming 2024 list.  Coach Eric Hays says, “IG will give my athletes the opportunity they deserve and have earned. Gaining the opportunity to work directly with Jazz and KC is a blessing and We are excited to start under their mentorship.  The opportunity came up for us to change organizations, and we wanted to match our commitment and dedication to being successful with the dedication and commitment of the organization. We are excited to be the newest team in the Impact Gold Organization, Impact Gold National Hays.”  

"Coach Eric has is all about learning and develop his group of young athletes.  His energy and excitement for his team is contagious and I can't wait to work with him for many years to come. The future is BRIGHT for this team," Program Director, Jazz Jackson Vesely. 

Any information about this team please contact Coach Eric Hays. 

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