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A Note from our Program Director on NEW Recruiting Rules and what it means for our Parents & Players

We are so excited about the upcoming summer but want to reiterate the new rules for our parents, players and coaches. We put out an article about the rules in April when they passed but we know during this time it becomes pretty confusing so we are going over the DO & DON'T for this recruiting season. 

  • Parents, please DO NOT put College Coaches in a position to be “rude” as they will not be able to engage in these type of conversations with you either. Please respect the rule and the fact that the coach must follow the rule.

  • Players CAN and SHOULD still be emailing and  texting (if you were given their number) their summer schedules, exciting news and tournament finishes. Just like normal

  • Players CAN and SHOULD still email coaches before and after camps.

  • Coaches CAN hand out profile sheets to College Coaches while they attend your games, please follow the direction of the college coaches. If they want to talk to more they will initiate it.


If you unsure if you should say something or do something please email me at Lets look forward to a wonderful summer.

Thank You,

Jazz Jackson Vesely 

President & Program Director 

Impact Gold Fastpitch Organization

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