Please help us WELCOME Gametime Stars Gold Sydney 2022 to the Impact Gold Organization! We are so excited to add this solid team of 2022s and 2023s, to become Oklahoma Impact Gold Premier Sydney . This 2nd year 14U team  comes in with a US Club Ranking #40, Flo Softball Fab 50 Club Ranking of #46. " We are so excited to add this young group to our organization, they go out to find top competition and are working to be the best", " Coach Landon McNeil and his staff has done a great job with this team I cannot wait to start working with this group," Jazz Jackson Vesely, Program Director said. 


Oklahoma Impact Gold Premier Sydney will compete in top national events such as OKC, PGF, Colorado Fireworks, Tulsa Elite, and USAES WFC.  

Check out their team page HERE.

Oklahoma Impact Gold Sydney plays for fallen teammate Sydney Angle.