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A Note from our Program Director on NEW Recruiting Rules and what it means for our Parents & Players

I know the news of the recent recruiting change has caused tons of rumors or panic. But let me assure you it is not as scary as some of you may think and travel ball won’t have this drastic change that people are talking about. Impact Gold Organization has been around before the “early commitment” craze started so we have a "process" for this type of recruiting. When I, personally went through the recruiting process players were not committing until their junior or senior years. This is something I am very familiar with and will be sending a separate email to our Impact Gold coaches helping them navigate these new rules. Here are a few rumors I have heard that I want to dispel quickly for our Impact Gold Players & parents: 


RUMOR: If we are younger than 16U than we do not need to attend major events: Colorado- Fireworks, Colorado- IDT, Triple Crown Nationals, PGF, USA Elite Select | FALSE: College Coaches will be identifying talent at those events still. Your young players need to be attending top events and competing to show coaches talents. This rule is allowing College Coaches to watch your PSA longer and get to know them better before offering & committing them.


RUMOR: I don’t need to attend camps (on or off campus) until my PSA gets into high-school.| FALSE: PSA should still attend camps/ clinics. Players still need to get to know college coaches before their recruiting process starts. Camps/Clinics are still a great way to know coaches, while you cannot talk to them about recruiting, you can still see them coach and see if they are a coach you would like to play for before the recruiting process starts.


Below here is a breakdown of new rules

On Wednesday, April 18,2018 the NCAA Division 1 Council announced that is passed legislation establishing September 1 of a prospective student- athlete (PSA) junior year as the start date of ALL softball recruiting contact, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, pending NCAA Board of Directors approval (April 25,2018). 


Okay, what does that mean exactly? 

  • Starting April 25,1018 ALL PSA (prospective student athletes) MUST wait until SEPTEMBER 1 of their JUNIOR (11th grade) year before they start ANY & ALL recruiting contact. ( in person, on the phone, or through a travel ball or high school coach) 

  • This rule pertains only to DIVISION 1 Softball Coaches & Programs - Rule does not affect DIVISION 2, DIVISION 3, JUCO OR NAIA. 

  • Starting April 25, 2018: Division 1 College ARE NOT allowed to put anyone younger than a junior (11th grade) in high school to be put on a “pass list” for college sporting events. Even if you were committed before April 25th, you will NOT be put on the "pass list" if you are younger than a junior (11th grade). 

  • Starting April 25, 2018: There will be NOT be UNOFFICIAL visits, ON-CAMPUS CAMPS with “tours” until your PSA junior (11th grade) year. You may always setup a tour with the academic tours through the university at any time but they will NOT show you athletic thing and visiting with coaches is not apart of that tour. 

  • Starting April 25, 2018: College Coaches are NO LONGER allowed to accept phone calls for PSA younger the junior (11th grade) year in high school. 

  • Starting April 25, 2018: Communication between Travel Ball/High School Coaches and Division 1 College Coaches CANNOT talk about these things about a PSA younger than a junior (11th grade) in HS;

    •  “offer”

    • “commitment”

    • Where the PSA ranks on their “recruiting list” or confirming if she is on their “recruiting list” 


Parents, please DO NOT put College Coaches in a position to be “rude” as they will not be able to engage in these type of conversations with you either. Please respect the rule and the fact that the coach must follow the rule.

For our families that have a PSA younger than junior (11th grade) that have  verbally committed to a Division 1 Univeristy before April 25,2018, we have reached out to your Division 1 coach, and your travel ball coach, to confirm your scholarship and setup a time for you to speak to your Division 1 college coach before April 25, 2018.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss your personal situation please email me at

Thank You,

Jazz Jackson Vesely 

President & Program Director 

Impact Gold Fastpitch Organization

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