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Please help us WELCOME Tx Sudden Impact 10U- Mendoza to the Impact Gold Organization! We are so excited to add this solid group of young athletes to become our 2nd year 10U National team starting in August 2018. Head Coach Daven Mendoza and staff have spent their 1st 10U season competing amongst the top 2nd year 10U teams and creating a name for themselves.

" Coach Mendoza has a huge desire to learn and develop his group of young athletes.  Adding this team at a young age allows us to work with them for the next few years on our process and our training to aide them in reaching their goals. The future is BRIGHT for this team," Program Director Jazz Jackson Vesely. 

Here are some other top finishes from the 2017-2018 season:

- 2017/2018  USSSA Back to Back State Champions

- 2018 USFA World Series Runner Up 

- Top 5 finish at Jennie Finch World Series 

- 1st Place USSSA Triple Play Series Champions

- 2018 USFA 10U NIT Finalist

- 3rd Place 2017 USSSA Fall State 

Impact Gold National Mendoza 10U will compete in top national events such as PGF, Triple Crown OKC  and other high-level national events.  They will train and work with our Program Director Jazz Jackson Vesely, and National Team Director KC Jackson. For information about our this team's tryouts please check our tryout page HERE or email Coach Mendoza@

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