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Congrats to the 44 Impact Gold student-athletes signing their NLI!

By Impact Gold Organization , 11/09/17, 3:30PM CST


The National Letter of Intent early signing period is November 8th- November 15th!

Please join us in congratulating our class of 2018 as they sign their NLI to the schools of their dreams. Thank you to these seniors for representing Impact Gold and helping IMPACT and GROW the game in the community. 

“Impact Gold Softball would like to congratulate all the 2018 seniors signing in this year’s early signing period. The years of hard work, sacrifice and dedication to “the process” have brought these players and families to this monumental moment. We are excited to see these student- athletes dreams come true and are humbled to be a part of the process. After their senior year, these student- athletes will join the long legacy of Impact Gold Alums impacting their collegiate programs across the country!” – Jazz Jackson Vesely 

#betheimpact #trusttheprocess #IGDNA

Athlete IG Team College
Haley Lee IG Jackson (National) Texas A&M
Baylee Klingler IG Jackson (National) Texas A&M
Rachel Hertenberger IG Jackson (National) University of Houston
Tessa Cantrell IG Jacoby (National) Washington University
Bethany Busch IG Jackson (National) University of Houston
Danielle Davis IG Jackson (National) University of Illinois
Samara Lagway IG Jackson (National) Texas State
Dani Garrison IG Jacoby (National) Mizzou
Josie Bower IG Jacoby (National) Baylor University
Erika Richardson IG Jacoby (National) Campbell University
Noami Reyes IG Jacoby (National) Texas Southern
Ashlyn Wade IG Jackson (National) University of Texas San Antiono
Megan Smith IG Jackson (National) Texas A&M
Marissa Vasquez IG Jacoby (National) San Jac
Alexa Lange IG Jacoby (National) St. Marys University
Sierra Cothern IG Jacoby (National) Texas Southern
Morgan Smith IG Jackson (National) Texas A&M
Kati Ray Brown IG Jacoby (National) University of Houston
Sydney Hodge IG Jacoby (National) Southwestern
Samantha Gaona IG Jacoby (National) Texas A&M Corpus Christi
Kylie Hatton IG Jacoby (National) University of Houston
Taryn Huston IG DFW Williams Embry- Riddle
Lindsay Garner IG DFW Williams A&M Commerce
Riley Nusbaum IG CTX Jacobs Temple College
Kaitlyn Callaway IG WTX Gammons Hardin Simmons
Brookelyn Simmons IG WTX Gammons Hardin Simmons
Hannah Mayfield IG ETX Rucker Williams Baptist
Brooke Goynes IG ETX Rucker Kilgore College
Brooke Taylor IG DFW Williams Ouachita
Bella Kohieczka IG DFW Williams Henderson JC
Morgan Benge IG DFW Williams UHMB
Jackie De Los Santos IG STX Elizondo Texas A&M Kingsville
Alyson Silvas IG STX Elizondo Texas A&M Corpus Christi
Saidi Castillo IG STX Elizondo Texas A&M Kingsville
Desirae Rocha IG CTX Garcia Northeast TX College
Jayme Johns IG CTX Garcia St. Marys University
Ava McCoy IG CTX Garcia Temple College
Hope Kruebbe IG Rapid Fire DFW Chipola CC
Lauren Huff IG Rapid Fire DFW Texas A&M Texarkana
Kendal Fritz IG Rapid Fire DFW Nevada University
Kat Huseman IG Rapid Fire DFW Abilene Christian University
Hailey Wetherill IG Rapid Fire DFW Columbia University
Avery Markley IG Rapid Fire DFW Texas A&M Commerce
Marley Hilton IG Rapid Fire DFW Temple College