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By Impact Gold Organization, 07/08/16, 4:00PM CDT


We catch up with Impact Gold Alum Tori Vidales...

Tori Vidales is a standout Junior on the Texas A&M Aggies, who this summer is playing with Team Mexico. Tori is a 4 year Impact Gold player. 

What years did you play for Impact Gold?

I played for Impact Gold my Freshman year (2011) - Senior year (2014).


Tell me your experience about playing for Impact Gold?

I came in my freshman year not knowing what to expect and being the youngest player on the team. I thought I was out of my league, honestly. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to play for KC my freshman year due to health problems in the family. Little did I know, he would make up for that year in my last three. My sophomore year, I played second base (for the first time) and learned the ropes of how KC liked to do things. He kept it intense, but relaxed. He coached, but he never once yelled, or made a player feel like they didn’t belong. The biggest thing about KC that stuck out to me was he loved errors. Obviously no one would like to see an error in a crucial moment to lose a game, but it was the concept of it. He wanted you to go faster than your body could, go all out, so that way eventually that becomes the normal. The faster you practice, the faster you get in a game, and the quicker it becomes an every day thing. Impact Gold was the place where I learned who I was as a person and as a ball player. I learned how to win, and understand the game at a level most people don’t learn until later into their careers. I learned how to lead, I learned how to control the controllables, and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.


Now we know you are a Texas A&M standout, but tell me what it is really like to be an aggie?

Imagine your mom in the stands yelling at the top of her lungs when you step on the field, now imagine every person in the stands impersonating her. That’s what it is like to be an Aggie. You have every student/administrator/alum in your corner at all times. I could list a million reasons why I love this university, but there is no way to understand from the outside looking in. A&M is such a special place that I’m lucky to call home.


This summer you’re playing with the Team Mexico, are you excited? Will you know anyone else on the team.

I am so excited! I’m sure my great-grandparents are looking down with a smile knowing that I get to represent their country. I don’t think I know any one on the team, but it will be a great summer with some talented ball players.


We also saw you hosting your own weekly recap show of Aggie softball is that what you want to do?

Yes, I would love to be an analyst for ESPN sometime in the future. I’ve always felt at ease while being in front of the camera, and have always loved the game, so being an analyst would be a perfect mix of that.


What information do you have for young athletes today who want to know how to achieve their dream of playing college softball?

I would definitely have to say work for what you want. As an elite athlete trying to achieve the ultimate dream of playing college ball, you can’t depend on anybody else to make that happen. You have to be a go getter. You’re gonna have to make sacrifices throughout your career to be successful. Send emails to the schools you’re interested in, make sure they know who you are. Listen to your coaches, watch softball on tv and listen to the analysts, be a sponge and pick up any information you can about softball. You will never know everything about the game. Lastly, always respect the game. If you do these things, there will be a college coach out there somewhere that will take a chance on you.


Thank you to Impact Gold for shaping me into the player I am today. #BeTheImpact


-Tori Vidales #8