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Impact Gold is a National recognized Elite Softball Organization representing teams from 10U through 18U. Our strong tradition of preparing student athletes for college goes back over 30 years, which includes countless NCAA D1 student-athletes, All-Americans, Olympians, USA National Team members and NPF players. We strive to cultivate the talent in every athlete, which allows each of them to compete at the highest softball levels.

BE THE IMPACT! Is our motto. It has as much to do with our view on life, as it does in our accomplishments in softball. We strive to BE THE IMPACT wherever we go. Our goal for each athlete is to make a positive IMPACT in the lives of whoever they meet on or off the field.

BE THE IMPACT means being responsible for your own success.
BE THE IMPACT means you are accountable for positive actions.




Impact Coaches / Parents:

The Impact Gold Organization® is saddened by the criminal investigation regarding a well-known umpire. That the investigation involves allegations of inappropriate sexual activity involving children is deeply troubling to all of us. The Impact family sends our thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families.

We want to encourage any coach, parent, or player who is contacted by the investigation to cooperate fully. We recognize that individuals may have relationships impacted by this situation. Our sport is best served by letting the investigation take its course.

At the same time, the Impact Gold Organization® wants to assure the coaches, parents, and players that the safety of our athletes – both on and off the field – is a priority. We appreciate that our coaches are some of the best in the softball world. And, we want to maintain that. Most of our coaches are already certified through either ASA or PGF or USSSA. This means that our coaches have already passed background checks through these organizations.

In light of this incident, the Impact Gold Organization® will now require all coaches and managers to have a current background check. You may do so through the ASA ACE program. We need every coach and manager to provide a copy of a current certification that includes a background check or an ASA ACE Background check to me by November 1, 2015.

In addition, all of our coaches must evaluate every tournament. If the tournament organization does not require background checks, please reach out to the tournament director to determine if they are going to screen the umpires and/or coaches that may be involved at the local level. You should exercise appropriate judgment, in the best interest of our players, to withdraw or not enter tournaments that will not have appropriate safeguards in place.

If you have signed up to host a tournament with an organization that does not require background checks, we encourage you to set local tournament rules to require them. Or, you can consider other organizations to work with. We would be happy to help you with that process.

I encourage you to address this situation with your parents. And, age appropriate, I encourage you to address this situation with your players. I encourage you to share Impact’s Policy regarding background checks and tournaments with your parents and, age appropriate, with your players.

The Impact Gold Organization will continue to monitor the situation to determine if any other steps are necessary to ensure our players’ safety. If you have any questions, please call me.

Impact Gold Organization®
Houston, Texas